About Cryptocurrency Exchange

Trading time: 24/7 available all year round.

Open account: Register a ViaBTC account, complete real-name authentication and deposit ¥100, you are all set for trading.

Fee: To celebrate the launch of ViaBTC Cryptocurrency Exchange, we would like to cut down CNY withdrawal fee to 3% and maker transaction fee to 0.1%.

T+0: The abbreviations T+x refer to the settlement date of security transactions and denote that the settlement occurs on a transaction date plus x day(s), i.e. T+1 settlement for stock market means that if buyers have made payment today, they can deliver the purchased security in the following trading day, while T+0 seetlement for cryptocurrency exchange allows buyers to purchase and sell on the same day.

No limit up/limit down: Unlike the stock market, there is no limit up/limit down (LU/LD) regulation in cryptocurrency exchange, for instance, the daily gain of Bitcoin on January 5th 2017 has been over 20%.

Trading unit: The minimum unit is 0.01.

No time limit for CNY/Cryptocurrency withdrawal: Withdraw is available at any time in cryptocurrency exchange with high funding liquidity.